World's First ever Non Profit Collaborative Platform

Non Profit Collaborative,  The Digital World has privileged us with easy access to all the information and knowledge. We can learn any skill that we love. There are many courses available online, but they all are in a one-way system. is a FREE learning platform that provides two-way learning in the form of live sessions. It is World’s first-ever non-profit collaborative platform. It bridges the gap between trainers and trainees. Trainees are trained through live sessions to pursue their passions and learn new skills. 

Non Profit Collaborative About founder 

The idea of the “” platform is a brainchild of Rushi Sheth, owner of an IT company. It came from his belief that there should be two-way learning.

He completed Masters in Mechanical engineering from the UK in 2004 and settled in Pune, Maharashtra. 

Non Profit Collaborative Origin of the Idea 

Once, Rushi Sheth wanted his team to learn more from online courses. But, his team found it inconvenient to learn from a one-way process. They didn’t find any two-way learning source. 

In almost all online learning platforms, information is given through a one-way process like pre recorded sessions. But, live classes allow students to learn with and from each other. They can talk to the trainer as well as participants. As the name suggests, “”, the idea originated to provide valuable live sessions. 

Non Profit Collaborative Why is Two-way learning better? 

1. Interaction – A trainee can only watch or listen in recorded sessions. It limits any 

interactions. But live classes promote two-way communications that encourage discussion about the topic and thus better understanding. 

2. Doubts – Trainees can get instant answers to any doubts. They can also learn from other 

participants’ questions. 

3. Customized learning – According to the students’ understanding level, doubts, and 

learning style, the trainer can modify the session to explain things better. In contrast, recorded content has to be the same for everyone. 

How does “” work? 

This platform works on three pillars: 

1. Collaborative Platform– It provides a platform where trainers and trainees can connect 

and collaborate without any effort or money to host the session. The team will handle everything free of cost and give the best user experience. 

2. Accreditation Platform– Trainers can get recognition and respect through the reviews 

and ratings provided by the trainee. Thus, a great platform to get celebrated in your field. 

3. Crowd sourcing Platform – Trainees can register at the current price. With every 

registration, the price will keep decreasing. And they will get a refund of the price drop. This algorithm ensures that students get classes at the lowest cost and trainers get the most traffic possible. 

Why should you choose 

For Trainee: 

1. Two-way learning in the form of live classes. 2. Learn from Industry experts and worthy profiles. 3. As a Non-Profit platform, almost all the sessions are FREE and accessible to everyone. 

But, only a nominal amount is needed if the trainer asks for it. 4. Various course choices are available like Finance Management, Entrepreneurship, 

Personality Development, Art, Yoga, Mindfulness, Health, Business development, Fun for kids, Stress management, Computer basics, and many more. 

For Trainers: 

1. Continuous traffic and houseful sessions. 2. Get feedback, recognition, and Accreditation for your skill and knowledge. 3. No effort or money for hosting the classes. You can focus on delivering quality sessions 

without any other tension. 4. No hassle of marketing. (The team will handle marketing) 

With over 366 sessions, our platform has a family of 577 trainers who has impacted the lives of 10K+ trainees and is still continuing. 

Join our platform to learn and grow:

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