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information technology It is united in all hands that the twenty-first century is the century of data technology. the introduction of information technology is the most significant turning purpose in human history.

machines are being made-up and previous ones are being updated. New instustruction being established with the rosy guarantees to organize students. this prepare students for diplomas certificate and degrees within the new field of technology. 

jobs are being provided for those WHO claim experience within the field. It looks like the whole world has been caught within the grip of data technology.

What is the information technology

The main question is what’s information technology? The word “technology” suggests the application of science and it’s the application of science.

the whole method is termed data technology.The common observation for this is often IT. Information technology is that the study of the utilization of computers and different electronic devices for storing. accessing and causing data from method|a method|a technique|a way} to a different way. 

According to the oxford advanced learner’s lexicon. Data technology is the study and use of receiving. storing and causing data from one place to another. It uses laptop systems, digital natural philosophy, and telecommunication to store, method and transmit data. 

Benefits of information technology

Information technology has revolutionized life in most spheres of life in human life. These days computers have vast memory storage and fast retrieval capability.a great deal of data is on the market on the net on any subject and concerning something.

Use in numerous fields

Information technology helps North American countries in several fields of life. Even people savvy helpful computers, the net, and fax machines are.

these days the gathering {of data|of data knowledge}. and different information and causing it to others became terribly simple.

we’ve video games through this technology. Book sellers like amazon.com sell over the net. 

Information technology in field of education

 In the field of education and analysis, content with students, libraries. universities within or outside the country has become doable. on-line teaching, learning and testing became Very common through this technology. 

Compact disks have replaced vast amounts of manually written words. E-commerce, E-mail have created life simple and fast. Bank success in transferring cash has improved. 

Information Technology offers innumerable advantages within the field of education. If data technology is enforced properly it enhances the educational expertise of scholars.

improves communication among lecturers. students & folks in addition as improves the productivity of admin and different workers members within the college. 

Information technology will be wont to promote the opportunities of information. It will facilitate the lecturers and students with up-to-date data concerning something and information.

correct and right data is important for effective teaching and learning; and data technology and for college students to learn. It is the most effective thanks to perceiving the range in learning designs.

information Technologies facilitate lecturers to organize their students to face the $64000 world. It allows students to access up-to-date data in an exceedingly faster and easier method of victimisation mobile phones and laptops.

 Information technology in banks

 Compact disks have replaced vast files of manually written words. E-mail, E-commerce have created life simple and fast. 

 Technology has opened new products and services and a brand new markets and economical delivery channels for the industry.

 Information technology in field of health

Health data technology presents several opportunities for up and reworking health.

  • reducing human errors
  • For up clinical outcomes
  • facilitating care coordination
  • For up observe efficiencies

Examples of information technology

Server upgrade

One or additional information center servers close to the top of their operational and maintenance lifecycle. transfer that information and applications to the new servers.

Security watching

Businesses habitually use tools to observe and log activity in applications, networks and system IT employees receive alerts of potential threats or noncompliant behavior.

like a user making an attempt to access a restricted file. check logs and alternative news tools to analyze and verify the foundation reason for the alert.

and take prompt action to handle and rectify the threat. typically driving changes and enhancements to security posture which will stop similar events within the future.

New software system

The business determines a desire for a replacement mobile application. which will enable customers to log in and access account data or conduct alternative transactions from smartphones and tablets.

Developers work to make and refine an acceptable application in line with a planned roadmap. Operations employees post every iteration of the new mobile application for transfer.

and deploy the back-end elements of the app to the organization’s infrastructure. 

Business improvement

A business needs additional availableness from a crucial application to assist with revenue or business continuance ways. The IT employees may be referred to to design a high-availability cluster to produce larger performance. This will be paired with enhancements to information storage protection and recovery.

User support

Developers square measure building a serious upgrade for an important business application. Developers and admins can collaborate to make new documentation for the upgrade. IT employees may deploy the upgrade for restricted beta testing. permitting a pick cluster of users to undertake the refashion.

The computer and the modern age:


Computers are rapidly becoming an essential element of our lives. There are computer and computers all around from a single digit watch to the most powerful machine.

The technology explosion of the 20th century has altered our lives for the better. Computers have extended and expanded man’s capabilities. 

History of computer Information technology

The name of the “computer” is derived from the latin word “computare” which means to reckon intensely.

The computer has been defined as an electronic device or machine.

Computer industry

Many scientists took part in the invention and the development of the computers. It passed through different stages to reach its present stage. 

The most famous companies that deal with the manufacturing and sale of computers are IBM and APPLE. 

Modern computers are four major categories:

  • Supercomputer
  • Mini computer
  • Micro computer
  • Laptops
  • Personal computers
  • They different in range of operation and facilities. 

Application of computers

There are many applications for computers. They are there in almost sphere Of life some of main application of computers are follows:

Home and Education

Today’s home is full of computers and gadgets that use computer technology. There are personal computers, video games, television, VCR,DVD,sewing machines,Washing machines. HI-FI systems and many other applications that use computer technology. 

Computers are helping students acquire a better understanding of mathematics, physics literature, fine arts, banking, and management science.

They are flexible learning tools for children. Through the internet system of computers. We know about the latest research, and get the latest information about a particular field. 

Entertainment and arts

On the computer you can play cards, chess, snooker, tennis, basketball, boxing and cricket.


Computer has brought a revolution in the field of travel by the automation of travel.

And aeroplane reservations. They are helping the travellers by ticketing and traffic controlling. 


Today computer technology has advanced. From a car to an aeroplane. First designed on a computer, NASA uses computers for designing spacecraft , and checking the test flights.


Computerized commands today link people all over the world. Computer applications in this respect are.

satellite communication, fax machines. Telephone, exchanges, postal sorting system.


Computers have been an integral part of business organization. Some of the aspects of computers in business are: 


  • Record keeping
  • Accounting
  • Cash flow
  • Analysis
  • Income tax
  • Payroll 
  • Word processing
  • Information management
  • Forecasting
  • Automated teller machine
  • Production planning 
  • Advertising

Condition in pakistan

Pakistan is a third-world country with limited resources. Computer technology is expensive.

In the field of agriculture, banking, ticketing, small business, computer games and printing.

Information technology in Pakistan

The government is encouraging by extending loans to those companies that are interested in this field. 

and colleges.computer courses are being made a compulsory part of education.

Information technology changed the whole world. It is very helpful.


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