How to Live Cricket Matches on Facebook

The free live streaming software that allows pre-recorded live stream

We support broadcasting simultaneously to 20 different platforms:

Facebook, YouTube,Twitch,… or e-commerce platforms: Shopee, Tiki,

All you need is a pre-recorded video and a GoStream account,

it’s easy to schedule & live stream pre-recorded videos as well as real-time streaming.

Our software brings customers 3 GREAT BENEFITS:


You no longer need to invest a lot of time in preparing for live streams. which are then broadcasted only once to a single platform.

. Watch All Cricket Matches On Facebook 

GoStream, with multi-platform live streaming feature using pre-recorded videos, enables you to stream live simultaneously on multiple platforms, saving time for another activities.


With the feature to stream pre-recorded video live, you just need to record and edit one single.

complete video and then use GoStream to broadcast it as live stream, instead of having to invest in each live stream and then use it only once like before.


GoStream live streaming software is designed with an intuitive and easy to use interface,

Thus you only need to perform some simple steps to stream pre-recorded video live on Facebook, Youtube or any other platforms you want.

Don’t hesitate, use GoStream now for the most professional live stream!


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