Homework is an elementary purpose

Home work is an elementary purpose?

   Homework is an elementary purpose. Homework, or a homework assignment. is a set of tasks to students by their teachers from school to be completed outside from the class.  the classroom work Common homework assignments may include required reading.

 Iformation to be reviewed before a test, or other skills to be practiced.homework is most important to improve student mind level. when students do home work they improve writing ability. it improve academic performance among children.

The effects of homework. Generally speaking it opens their mind level skills homework. Some schools give students activity tasks from home.

 Homework may improve academic skills among the students. especially However, homework also creates stress for students. and also for parents, and reduces the amount of time that the student can spend in other activities and extra works and spend time with family. Homework is an elementary purpose.

The purpose of giving homework to students

The basic objectives of assigning homework to students often align with school. Homework is an elementary purpose. However, teachers have many purposes for assigning homework,some of them including:


  • extending skills to new situations
  • preparing for future class lessons
  •  students practice material 
  •  prepare students for national and  exams and tests to pass
  • teaches students responsibility
  • Our community equates homework with rigor.
  • Homework is a rite of passage.

Advantages of homework

There are many benefits of homework some of important 10 Benefits of Homework:

  •   Homework teaches students about time management
  •   Homework teaches students how to set goals and skills
  •   It  teaches students how to your  problem solve.
  •   Home work teaches students to work. 
  •  Homework teaches students how to solve their problems and get rid of theses problems 

Disadvantages of homework

 who spend too much time on homework  feel  more stress, physical health problems. Homework is an elementary purpose.

 a lack of balance in their lives. Students need time to relax and take their minds off work and schools. homework can cause stress between children and parents.


Homework react many effects on students some are positive, effects and some are negative effects some of effects are:

The most  positive effect of homework assignment. is that it can improve retention and understanding of students and focus on study .It can improve students’ mind level

More indirectly, homework can improve students’ mind level study skills and attitudes toward school and focus on their work. l, and teach students that learning  from school can take place anywhere as in a home. 

not just in school buildings.it remain students busy In school activity. it is very helpful for students to fresh their mind.

         Similarly there are some bad effects of homework that affects the students mind. The                                       

          troubling: Research showed that a lot of  homework is associated with high    

         levels and  dress depress.


Home work is an elementary purpose.

 Homework has been seen as both beneficial association with time. depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, and more students can take pressure off homework. they have less time to  to relax their  mind so for this reason a lot of homework causes pressure for students.

Health, Homework is an elementary purpose

Homework has been defined that homework.  a  source of stress and anxiety and depression for students. Homework is an elementary purpose A lot of homework causes health problems and other issues for students. they cannot feel relaxed and easy. this causes health problems some students cannot sleep well because of a lot of pressure of homework.

Reducing  homework would help free up their time and allow for more family time and spend time with family. Bulky assignments often cause health issues such as mental health, depression, stress level. Banning homework would help to reduce  these adverse health threats and depression for students. Homework is an elementary purpose.

will give more time to their studies and better performance.

Benefits of homework


Homework is an elementary purpose. Some educators say  that homework is beneficial to students, as it enhances  learning for students. They spend time  on homework and busy their minds on doing school tasks. develop the skills taught in class, and let educators verify that students comprehend their lessons.. Homework gives parents the opportunity to test their child’s learning and their skills in school.


improves  their student achievement in terms of improved grades, mind level , test results, and the likelihood to attend college to improve skills.


Homework is an elementary purpose causes stress for students  as well as for parents students are spending  many hours at school after that they have to complete their homework assignments. additionally extra activities are hold for students because they have no time to focus on their extra activities. 

As all of us know that extra activities are most important for everyone but because  of a lot of homework students have sufficient time to focus on extra activities. homework should be banned for students upto 8th grade. because the negative effects do not out weight the benefits that come from homework. on other words homework should be banned because it cause unnecessary stress for students.they waste a lot of time in writing homework.

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