Fashion A classic never goes out of style

What is Fashion:

A classic never goes out of style It is an age of fashion.the  current mode of style prevailing is called fashions.bFashion is a form of self-expression at a particular period and place and in a specific context, fashions style. Fashion A classic never goes out of style

Everything that is considered fashions is available and popular by the fashion system and this  fashion is fol owed by every person.

Fashion A classic can be done in:

  • Dress.
  • Manners.
  • Speech
  • Customs
  • Traditions
  • Etiquettes
  • Way of life 

Among the members of any country,certain styles of houses,furniture,food and drinks,times of meal,public customers and specially dresses are fashionable.Fashion is also a source of art, allowing people to display their unique tastes and styling and art.

Fascination of Fashion A classic:

The fascination is very strong in our society.young generation runs after fashion.women follow fashion blindly.the craze to look smart and upto date is becoming strong.everyone is attracted to the spell of fashions style.the garment industry,advertisement and film are playing big role in the field of fashions styling

Role of  Fashions:

Garment industry plays a big role in the fashions field.the press and T.V also affected the minds of people.the  young girls  proudly follow  the steps of film star.they forget that muslim lady is asked to be veil.a lot of money is spend on fashions. pakistan imports foreign powders,film,coloured magazines and  many other  things of fashions designe.

Fashion is spreading very quickly .Pakistanis working abroad have poured  a lot of  money on fashion. it has  become a fashion nowadays to arrange in a five star hotel.the rich  give a  large costly dowry to their daughters.

Change in Fashion:

Fashions are constantly changing.certain games and amusements,style of furniture,dresses, household things,foods,drinks,shouse bags  come and go  out of fashions style.people follow fashions design.

Fashion changes with time. Everyone likes to walk in fashion. Everyone wants to be ahead of each other in terms of fashions trends. Which is why they spend a lot of money on fashions styling. Not only girls but also boys want to outdo each other in new fashion.

Girls Fashion,womens Fashion clothing:

Girls are more crazy about New Fashions than boys.Sometimes they like to wear long shirts.Some times they like to wear shorter ones.sometime  women like to wear blue colour,in a few months it may change into pink colour.girls may like a green colour at one time.

they may soon thinking a dress of red colours.they may like dark or light colours on different time.a fashionable lady wear a beautiful and  costly dresses only ones or twice and then she gave it to her maid.sometimes  women wear shoes with broad  toes and sometimes with pointed ones.

Fashion changes with time. Everyone likes to walk in fashion. Everyone wants to be ahead of each other in terms of fashion. Which is why they spend a lot of money on Fashion.

Girls winter dress Fashions,women clothing:

The first is how to wear the winter coat?  In summer, when temperatures drop, we quickly want to choose the easy option that is to wear pants. This is Too bad, because this dress also has many advantages in the winter.

 In addition to being stylish, when she wears pants she  will be very comfortable and keep warm. But for this, you must know the right tips in this article to wear winter dress .What styles of dresses to wear in winter? Of course, you can not carry all your little summer dresses in winter because of cold weather.

In general, dresses are more elegant  with long overcoats that look nice. If temperatures are too low or cold, opt for a beige trench, otherwise wear a boyfriend style coat. This style is  best. The coat’s right pea coat style also goes very well with the womens clothing in winter. 


Accessories are the key to a successful style for women’s clothing .Add a nice bib on a round neck dress or wear a pendant for a shirt collar or a Peter Pan collar that looks beautiful. Add one large ring or a nice bracelet or wear.

Summer dressing Fashion

 Every person adopts fashion. Everyone loves to be in style whether it’s young girls, boys, or ladies and men. Summer Fashion includes a lot of fresh and blooming colors or light colours. So everyone remains conscious about their looks and what is comfortable for them to carry in this warm season and feel easy.Fashion A classic never goes out of style

MEN KURTA men clothing:

The traditional clothing in summer Asian countries for men’s clothing is Kurta and pajamas. Kurta is very famous in Pakistan. This dressing is extremely popular among young men as well as aged men can easily  carry it. Simple cotton kurta is the best choice for casual wear or party wear in summer, which includes a simple ban or collar in men’s clothing.

 When wearing a T-shirt, make sure that the fabric is 100% cotton and that it is not so thin as to be see-through then carry it. Pay attention to proper fit on the shirt on the body, not too loose a shirt that makes you look smaller than you are.These shirts can be worn with jeans. Fashion A classic never goes out of style

Fabric types are either a soft weave or color pattern more beautiful casual rough weave with colorful texture; you want to choose polos made from cotton dress.


The Fashion are becoming more popular in  no time.the glitter of advertisement makes everything looks like gold.but all  the glitters are not gold.we are muslims  and our religion teaches us to lead a  simple and clean life.we should not follow the footsteps of western people.

We should sincerely follow teaches of islam.we canot exist without islam.we should be modest and humble.those who wear fashionable clothes are proud.God does not like the proud.

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