Amazing privacy apps Locker.

App Locker does not use on-screen passwords.

Amazing Privacy App Locker.

Slot system based on needles or patterns.

We use the volume key pattern as the password.

You can create any pattern with volume keys, such as Up

App, the applause is loud.

Sorry, Apple Lock Screen is the most secure screen lock.

With Ups Applock ScreenLock no one can unlock your phone.

With Ups Applock ScreenLock, no one knows if the phone is locked.

Oops, Applock ScreenLock has a few templates to choose from.

this is the safest way to lock apps.

No one even noticed that your app is Ups Applock.

The Oops,  application is simple.

Amazing Privacy App Locker.

Oops Applock can lock any app.

With Ups Applock, you can configure different lock screen wallpapers on each lock app.

Watch Video

Clear and dark backgrounds indicate that your app is stuck.

Dodge your friends with custom wallpapers with Ups Applock.

Tip – When choosing a custom wallpaper, make sure it matches the size of your

screen to prevent the image from fading.

Sorry, AppLock uses permission from the Device Administrator.

Enable AppLock as “Device Manager”.

It is only used to prevent hackers from removing Ups AppLock.

Privacy protection.

Amazing Privacy App Locker.

Lock apps and hide photos.

Supports fingerprint lock and cloud sync.

Protect your privacy with passwords, patterns and fingerprint lock.

Supports 45 languages.

AppLock can block Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, SnapChat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, Incoming Calls and any app you choose.

Prevent unauthorized access and protect privacy. Security guarantee.

AppLock can hide photos and videos. Hidden images and videos disappear from the gallery and appear only in images and videos.

Easily keep special memories.

No needles, anyway.
AppLock has random keyboard and invisible pattern lock.

Don’t worry, people can see the needles or the patterns. More secure!

With AppLock you will:

Never worry about your parents checking out your SnapChat app,


that a colleague will return your phone to the gallery!

Never worry about someone re-reading the private data in your apps!

Don’t worry about disturbing children’s settings, sending wrong messages and playing games again!


Open the app lock, open security, open settings.

How do you unlock hidden app lock?

Update to the latest version, then try the following four ways to unlock the hidden app:


1. Gallery

Amazing Privacy App Locker.

Open your gallery, select the image, click the share button.

Find the “Unlock App” and click on it.

2. Widgets

Long press on Home screen, click on Widgets.

Find the “unlock app” and drag it to the home screen.
3. Contact.
4. Browser

3) How can you prevent the app lock from opening?
Enable advanced protection in AppLock Protection so that no one can uninstall or uninstall AppLock without a password.

If you do not want this you can disable advanced protection.

4) I forgot my password, how do I find it?
Update to the latest version first.

Then tap the AppLock icon, tap the icon in the upper right corner of the lock page, tap “Forgot Password”.

1. Security Answer: Enter the security answer and click Reset Password.

2. Security Email:

Click Send Security Email Code enter the reset code, and then click Reset Password

AppLock uses access rights to the Device Manager.

To enable advanced security, enable AppLock as “Device Manager”.

This is only used to prevent intruders from uninstalling AppLock.

AppLock uses an affordable service.
To enable power saving mode, enable accessible services.

The service is used only to remind disabled users to unlock apps and reduce battery consumption.

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