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Writing Guidelines

We have some broad rules for composing articles. Following them will expand the odds we acknowledge your article for distributing.

No supported or limited time posts. We need to catch wind of thoughts, not an item or administration you have a stake in. We don’t exchange backlinks or sell distributing openings on our site. If it’s not too much trouble, take these kinds of solicitations somewhere else. Converse with our publicizing division in the event that you’d prefer to purchase customary promotions.

Keep it short. Most articles ought to be in the scope of 400 to 1,200 words. Put together your piece around your primary concern. As a rule, the more extended an article is, the more outlandish individuals will be to understand it. Obviously, there are conditions where a long “profound plunge” article bodes well so feel to make that sort of pitch, as well.

Write in plain English. Stick to short and straightforward sentences and expressions. Long wandering sentences can befuddle perusers. Try not to utilize language and shortened forms, yet in the event that you should, consistently clarify and characterize it first. Numerous individuals presumably know what SDOT (Seattle Department of Transportation) is, however don’t accept they do; work it out and afterward condense. Pick a functioning composing style, it will keep your peruser stuck to the following sentence. We by and large follow the AP Stylebook however we’ve thrown a portion of their sillier shows. Also, Wikipedia has a superb aide in case you’re searching for one to utilize.

Try not to smother exchange. Our Comment Policy traces the most ideal approaches to share thoughts that are positive and comprehensive to local area conversation.

Continuously be honest. We truth check visitor articles to guarantee that the data being shared get from respectable sources. We won’t distribute something that we accept is bogus. Infrequently, erroneous data makes it to print unexpectedly, and when this happens, we right the record. This incorporates revising refering to your sources. Try not to address others’ work as your own.

Be reasonable with a proposition. In the event that you have a proposition as a top priority to change explicit public strategies, plans, or administrations, you should ensure that it’s anything but totally pure fantasy. On the off chance that you need the proposition to be treated appropriately, you’ll need to get your work done to show that proposition is implementable.

Stay on subject. Doing this makes it simple to contend your point and offers clearness to perusers. On the off chance that you have various related focuses on a theme, it could be smarter to think about a progression of articles rather than attempting to fit everything into one.

Make it new. Unique thoughts are consistently the awesome; are fascinating and give perusers something new to consider. Obviously, working off of the thoughts of others, or re-introducing a recent concern or report is incredible, as well, inasmuch as it is unique.

Think about counter-contentions. Regardless of how fascinating or convincing the contention you expect to make is, you ought to think about tending to counter-contentions. In the event that you there are glaring contentions that could be put forth against your defense, you are in an ideal situation addressing them front and center than leaving them to the peruser to bite on and pick at.

Give an included picture and short bio. Each article requires a highlighted or title picture. As a writer, perusers need to know what your identity is. A short bio of a few sentence ought to do.

Different pictures. In the event that you have photographs as a top priority, if it’s not too much trouble, send them as connections or give a connection to the photograph. We by and large just acknowledge photographs that are of creator beginning, in the public area, or that have a Creative Commons permit. Named photographs are significantly refreshing over “image2.png”. An inscription is suggested.

While we have an overall arrangement of designing strategies, we’re entirely adaptable with how you decide to organize your article. We’re glad to take articles through various mediums like email text, shared Google Docs, or a Word record.