A Guide To Making A Successful Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation For Humans, ages are using drawing to facilitated communications, from cave paintings to intricate medieval maps, and today, a teacher or a presenter draws things that are complex to elucidate with words on a whiteboard to supply further elaboration.

Whiteboard animation takes explaining a step (or even a couple of steps) further. Whiteboard animation consists of a serie of animat drawing of character, object, and background with a moving hand holding a marker pen to simulate drawing, amid audio, either within the sort of voice-over or music, or both.

In recent years, whiteboard animation has been one among the favourite picks for several businesses and organizations when it involves video marketing. It’s easy to know , interesting to observe and it leaves viewers feeling enlightened and entertained.

 certainly don’t want to  left behind. But how does one make your video stand out from your competition?

In this article, we’ll explore the various factors that lend to the success of your whiteboard animation.

Why whiteboard animation?

Whether you’ve got a generic product for mass consumption, or a distinct segment technical solution, or maybe a humanitarian cause, you’ll make use of whiteboard animation to elucidate your complex or maybe dull material seamlessly during a captivating way.

Doodles are a beautiful sort of illustration, loved by many. And animated doodles are even more fun to observe . It also helps to make a far better impression in viewers’ minds in order that they will remember the knowledge conveyed better.

Whiteboard animation is additionally more budget-friendly compared to other sorts of animations.

Things that you simply should consider in making your whiteboard animation a hit

1. Customization

The last item you would like is that your video finishes up a bit like the other whiteboard animation available over the web . Customizing your video is the key. Whiteboard animation doesn’t need to be just black and white. you’ll consider adding colors against a white background, particularly those associated with your branding to make your video unique, so it stands out among the gang . in addition , you’ll also tailor the illustrations or doodles to fit your brand identity, nature of business, and in fact , your audience .

2. Whiteboard Animation Adds a Breath Air Fresh

You don’t just want another PowerPoint presentation that appears like illustrated sketches. you would like moving illustrations that engage your viewers. where the illustrations are less colorful compared to a totally illustrated 2D animation. you’ll consider adding more animation to other elements within the video, like a moving car within the background.

3. the proper Animation Company

This is one among the foremost important factors to require under consideration if you would like an efficient whiteboard animation. Take a while to try to to research on whiteboard animation companies and make certain to see the standard of their past work. Also, check the clients that they need worked with and appearance for testimonials or references to concentrate on what the previous clients need to say. confirm the standard of animations that they produced meet your expectations.

4. Whiteboard Animation Communications

Once you’ve identified the corporate that you simply want to figure with, you would like to convey your requirements clearly. If you need the corporate to write down the script, do make sure that you provide all of your key messages during a succinct manner. Remember that communications go both ways. the corporate that you simply work with should be responsive and straightforward to succeed in throughout the whole production. confirm that the chosen studio/company has an in-house team and not outsourcing your project to others.

5. Whiteboard Animation Budget

Your budget determines the standard of your video. While whiteboard animation tends to cost lesser than the standard 2D & 3D animated videos, going for the most cost effective option isn’t going to guarantee any great result. Most inexpensive providers use stock vectors or templates that have already been employed by many so this certainly won’t help create any differentiation for your brand. search for a studio that has an in-house team to handle the work. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to manage the result of your video as some companies fully outsource the assembly to cheaper studios. Of course, a high price point doesn’t always mean an honest result.

Whiteboard Animation Final Words

There are plenty of video types to settle on from when it involves producing marketing videos. Each of the alternatives we make must correspond with our audience and therefore the topic of our video. for instance , a 3D animation are often an honest choice when it involves architectural visualization or product demonstration, while the simplistic nature of whiteboard animation helps convey complex messages for the audience.

The slow drawing pace and straightforward illustrations make it easier for people to follow your message throughout the video. With the above guide, I certainly hope your journey to making a whiteboard animation is going to be smooth and successful.

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